Thursday, December 5, 2019

Strategic Employee Communications Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Employee Communications. Answer: Recommendations The knowledge base should be accessible to the employees, as the employees of the modern hotel industry is growing at a faster rate, where the knowledge required by the employees will help them in performing their job in an effective manner. The hotels need to have a proper setup so that all the information about the guests and the instructions about health and safety are accessible to the employees as well as the guests. This will help in organizing the guests and helping them during emergency times by the employees (Argenti 1998). The transparency in the workplace needs to be increased by sharing the sales figures of the hotel along with the goals and the reasons why themanagement has decided to bring changes in the organization. This will help the employees to increase their efficiency in the organization, as they will have a sense of responsibility up on them (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra 2014). The employees need to undergo training on a regular basis through various workshops and employee meetings so that it can help them in serving the guests in an efficient manner. The employees need to be addressed regarding the best practices that they need to adopt within the organization and feedbacks from them needs to be encouraged. These workshops will help the hotel by improving the understanding of the employees, which will help the organization in the end. The feedbacks that the employees will provide will help the uppermanagement of the hotel to take better decisions so that it can help in increasing the productivity of the employees (Christensen 2014). The hotel organization needs to give freedom to the employees in choosing the technology platform that they are comfortable in working with. The advancements in technology will help the employees to access the informations that are provided by the organization at any point of time and anywhere. This will help the company in increasing their speed of work in a proficient manner, which will ease out the job for the employees as well (Percy 2014). The use of new tools for communication such as Beekeeper will act as a flexible and effective tool for messaging between themanagement and the employees of the hotel. This will help the company to make the important announcements to the right group of employees so that the other teams are not disturbed. This will help the groups in being engaged in the daily activities in an effective way. These messaging platforms will help the company in sending private messages and emails to the emails so that it will increase the flexibility and the effectiveness of the organization (Argenti 1998). The use of better communication tactics will help the organization and its employees to create a difference in the quality of service so that the guests who come in the organization will have a better experience. The managers need to be responsible in maintaining a proper system of communication so that the staffs can be engaged within the company, which will give good return on the investment. References Argenti, P.A., 1998. Strategic employee communications.Human Resource Management (1986-1998),37(3-4), p.199. Christensen, M., 2014. Communication as a strategic tool in change processes.International journal of business communication,51(4), pp.359-385. Mishra, K., Boynton, L. and Mishra, A., 2014. Driving employee engagement: The expanded role of internal communications.International Journal of Business Communication,51(2), pp.183-202. Percy, L., 2014.Strategic integrated marketing communications. Routledge.

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